Never has there been so much hype about a colour before Living Coral was announced as the Pantone Colour of the Year. It’s everywhere you look, filling up your social media feeds, dominating your Pinterest boards and in every shop, you walk into. As much as we too are obsessed with this colour, let’s offer a disclaimer – Living Coral is a colour trend and, sadly, even trends we adore, tend to pass when the next big thing, or in this case ‘it’ colour, takes over. So, go slow would be our advice.

Here are a few ways to incorporate this wonderful colour into your home without a complete renovation.

Drama, drama, drama…

That said, there is nothing wrong with a bit of drama in the home. Not the Bold and the Beautiful type of drama, no. We’re thinking more like painting a feature wall or giving an old piece of furniture a colourful facelift. The best thing about paint, is that it’s only paint and you can change it up the minute you’re over it. Whilst we wouldn’t go as far as painting your entire home in Living Coral, we would consider painting one wall in the entrance hall, a guest loo or even a home office. Living Coral also works extremely well with the natural greens of plants so dust off those neglected terracotta pots and give them a new lease on life with a lick of paint. Your great-granny’s rocking chair? We say, go for it.

POP furniture and décor paint does a gorgeously bright coral in Flamingo.

Soft & subtle

If paint is too permanent for you, soft furnishings are the next best way to bring any trend to life in your home. Re-cover cushions in your living room or bedroom with beautiful florals and botanical prints that contain a touch of coral – or even upholster an old statement chair.Stuart Graham’s Floriana Spring and Exotic Sangria will bring coral into your home in an understated but fun way. Also look out for plain textured or printed throws – Mr Price Home has some great options to suit all styles. Towels are also an underrated way of adding colour to the home. Bright tea towels, hand towels and gorgeously textured Turkish towels will add that extra special touch. If you’re the hostess with the mostest, look out for coral-coloured table-linen to take your table-setting to the next level.


Another easy and relatively affordable way to bring Living Coral to life in your home is with decorative ceramics, glassware and candles. You can spread these elements around your home, in any room for an instant update that is perfectly on-trend. If you’re going big, cluster these elements in one area to make a statement. Pair with brushed gold items to really complement the coral features. Invest in a few key pieces of crockery to add a pop of this trendy colour when entertaining. Woolworths has a great selection of fun bowls to choose from.

Knock knock

Give your kitchen cupboards and drawers a quick and easy makeover by changing the handles to coral-coloured doorknobs – mix ń match or use the same style throughout for a burst of brightness in your kitchen. Do the same to a desk, the drawers of a server or chest of drawers. These door knobs are readily available at most good home décor stores but we personally love the selection in-store at Poetry.

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