Easter is a time for tradition, family and memories; often centred around meal times.

If you are hosting friends and family this Easter weekend, it’s a nice idea to make your dinner table look special to go with your hard work in the kitchen.

For parents, putting together the decorations for the table is a great way to keep the kids busy during the start of the holidays. Our Show Director, Cairey Baxter-Bruce, spent time with her children in creating their idea for a beautiful Easter breakfast table setting – here’s how they did it!

What you need:

  • Cards or tags
  • Gold craft foil
  • Letter stamps
  • Boiled eggs
  • Chocolate speckled eggs
  • Malleable twigs or twine
  • Egg holders
  • Side plates
  • Fabric napkins
  • Woven placemats
  • Large placemats, boards or tiles
  • Rustic cutlery


  1. Set the “base” of your table setting with plain placemat, board or tile – they should be bigger than an average plate and ideally not round in order to highlight the décor in the centre of the setting.
  2. Place a woven or straw placemat in the centre that is slightly smaller. Any natural coloured placemat will do in order to accentuate the colours of the Easter eggs in the centre.
  3. Next place a fabric napkin vertically across your woven placemat. Easter is usually associated with pale blue, green, yellow, pink, and purple so try to stick to the colour palette.
  4. Place a side plate in the middle of the napkin and shape a few twigs onto this plate like a nest. Hold this down with a small ramekin. Try to ensure that the side plate and the ramekin are different colours – a white side plate with a coloured ramekin, or a coloured side plate with a white ramekin. Once again, stick to the colours of Easter.
  5. Fill the ramekin to just below the edges with brightly coloured speckled eggs.
  6. Rub some gold foil on a boiled egg so that it glistens in the light and place the egg on top of the speckled eggs so that the oval shape of the egg is visible.
  7. Using letter stamps, stamp your guests’ names on small tags and stick onto the egg with glue or Prestik.
  8. Pair your Easter creation with rustic cutlery that matches the idea of a bird’s nest – copper or antique-looking cutlery sets or those with wooden handles.


Wishing you a happy Easter with your family and friends!